June 2017


Apologies open the doorway to forgiveness which brings renewed life to any relationship   Matthew 5:21-26 There is power in properly admitting a mistake that you have done Taking Responsibility and leave the BUT’s Embracing your mistakes allows for learning and changes How to effectively apologize –  Name what you did wrong.  Don’t just say […]

May 2017


Forgiveness is a matter of the heart and may be the costliest gift to give as well the most overwhelming to receive   Matthew 18:21-35 Forgiving Heals Us Recognize that forgiving doesn’t mean that injustice will go unpunished Learning to forgive is the right thing to do Forgiveness is costly – Jesus is our ultimate […]


Empathy is the bridge between hurt and healing and is central to human connection   Luke 7:36-50 God Himself empathizes with the people He created. Empathy is incarnational ministry.  Jesus entered our story. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.


Boundaries   John 2:1-12   Boundaries protects your identity by defining your relationships    – Setting personal boundaries like Jesus    – Jesus said no to inappropriate behavior    – Jesus had expectations for people in need

April 2017


Loyalty is one of the necessary components for your relationships to function properly   1 Samuel 18:1-4 & John 13:36-38 Loyalty… – does not hesitate – is what you do, not what you say – is a willing decision – is challenging – will involve sacrifice – will be rewarded 

The Gifts of Creation

The Gifts of Creation     – God Himself – Gen. 1:27 “In His own image”     – Creation- Gen. 1:28-31 – “God Bless them”     – Relationships – Gen. 2:18-25 – “were both naked and were not ashamed” God Values Relationships Relationships are God given gifts