September 2019

Celebrate His Deeds Among Us

The World parties to forget. The Church parties to remember in celebration to what God has done and will do!   Luke 4:18-19

God’s Faithfulness

We must build memorial stones of God’s Faithfulness.   Joshua 4:1-8   1.  God’s Faithfulness 2.  We must build our own memorial stones of God’s Faithfulness 3.  Our church has built memorial stones of God’s Faithfulness 4.  We must continue to trust in the Faithfulness of God

August 2019

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

It is not your trials and difficult circumstances that define you, but your response does   Galatians 5:1

Connecting Through Small Groups

What would actually happen if those of us who are designed to connect actually connected?   Acts 5:27; 42   Connecting happens in a small group of people 1. Small groups of people are formed intentionally 2. Small Groups empower people to serve 3. They create a network of encouragement, accountability and care 4. They […]

How Jesus Connected

Community shows the world God’s love. 1 Corinthians 1:10 (MSG)   1. Jesus came and restored value to people by connecting with people. 2. OUR primary purpose is to connect. 3. The challenge to community is that we are called to like people who are not like us. 4. Jesus demonstrated the connected life through […]

Designed to Connect

God design us to be connected.   1 Thessalonians 5:14-15 (MSG)   1. God is Community. 2. Relationship and community existed before people were created. 3. Relationship and community are rooted in God. 4. God has always desired that people live in community and in authentic relationships. 5. God designed all of us to connect. 6. It […]

July 2019

Rescued You

Waiting can be hard, but don’t miss the journey. The process of waiting is just as important as the end result.   Lamentations 3:26   1. Don’t wait wrong. Wait passionately. 2. Waiting is your time to gather with God. 3. Choose to trust Him in the place you are at. 4.  Be constructive in […]

Relaxed You

God always wants to give good things to us but our hands are too full with worries, fears, and anxieties to receive the good things of God to us.   Psalm 46:10   1. Release Our Cares Through Prayer 2. Continually Casting Our Cares 3. Commitment versus Surrender

Resilient You

The journey with God has droughts and storms but they are just part and not the end of the journey   Jeremiah 17:7-8   You are a Lighthouse You are a Acacia Tree

New You

Are you ready for something new?   Isaiah 43:19 God is in control, not me One step at a time God uses closed doors to teach us something God is more interested in our relationship with Him