May 2018

Makers not Keepers

Matthew 5:9

Pure in Heart

Matthew 5:8   Pure represents that ideal state of mind of the person who longs to serve God and others for the sheer unselfish joy of honoring the Creator, and thus free of a personal agenda or bias.

Being Merciful

Mercy is standing before someone who deserves punishment, and then throwing them a party instead   Matthew 5:7

The Pursuit of Righteousness

Christians ought to have the desire to live rightly before God and people.   Matthew 5:6

April 2018

Blessed are the meek

When we experience the gentleness of God’s grace we are meek and gentle with others.   Matthew 5:5 Meek does NOT mean week Jesus was meek, NOT weak! He had power but chose to control that power for you and I.  

The Pain of Mourning

It’s either God’s way or the world’s way; it can’t be both   Matthew 5:4  

Poor in Spirit

It is either God’s way or the world’s way – it can’t be both.   Matthew 5:3 Jesus’ words challenge how we think about character, success and purpose It involves God’s favor, His willingness to come near and dwell among His people The Kingdom of God is the realm in which God work

Moral vs. Kingdom Ethics

We don’t live by the world’s moral code of conduct.  Christians ought to be “immoral to the world”.   Romans 12:2 We live in a Post Christian Culture A Blast From the Past A Better Way Forward