November 2017

Worship & Celebration

The discipline of worship is always followed by the discipline and celebration before the Lord in accordance with His truth.   John 4:21-24; 15:11   Worship Worship is an invitation to engage in communion with our Creator Worship is both individual and corporate Celebration Christians can have fun too Celebration leads to Hope Celebration is […]


SIMPLICITY is the inward reality of single-hearted focus upon God and His kingdom, which results in an outward lifestyle of modesty, openness, and unpretentiousness that disciplines our hunger for status, glamour, and luxury.   2 Corinthians 11:1-3 (MSG)   Simplicity is an inward reality that expresses itself outwardly through the way we live our lives […]

Solitude and Silence

Solitude and silence are an outward declaration of your inward hunger and desire to know God more fully and love him more deeply.   Mark 1:35   Solitude is being alone on purpose. Loneliness happens to you Solitude is being alone for personal growth and accomplishment Solitude is being alone for personal renewal and refreshment […]

Prayer & Listening

“There is healing, joy, rest and peace to be found in God’s presence, often indiscernible at first but still present, ongoing, life transforming furthermore prayer and listening is avenue into God’s presence.”   Psalm 63:1-8   The Discipline of Prayer How does God speak to us? Why should I pray A.C.T.S   – Adoration – […]

October 2017

Reflection & Confession

Psalm 51:1-4   In order to truly confess and give up your sins to God, you must know Him. We must know ourselves and recognize our sins. You must be willing to accept the consequences.  

Study & Mediation

Scripture was revealed not merely to inform us but also to transform us.   Psalm 19:7-11   Informative vs Transformative reading Questions to ask why studying  – What do I learn about God?  – What do I learn about people?  – What do I learn about relating to God?  – What does God want me […]


What is the goal of the Christian life?   “The goal of the Christian life is to grow in our understanding of our union with Christ both in thinking and in our practices”   1 Timothy 4:7-8   The Training and Transformation   Who we are – A Spiritual people (Jn. 4:23-24) – A Spiritual […]