June 2019

The Little Boy

Using what we have to glorify God can reach people beyond our imagination.   John 6:5-13

No Super Hero

It’s not about who you are but what you do.   Acts 4:13

September 2018

Sinking Slowly

Jesus is the only one who can keep us afloat.   Matthew 14:25-33   Sometimes the one thing pulling us down is the hardest thing to let go of. There are times in our lives when God is trying to communicate with us, but it takes us looking beyond sight to truly listen to God […]

July 2018

God at the Movies – Inside Out

God at the Movies

April 2018

Blessed are the meek

When we experience the gentleness of God’s grace we are meek and gentle with others.   Matthew 5:5 Meek does NOT mean week Jesus was meek, NOT weak! He had power but chose to control that power for you and I.  

February 2018

Loving God Completely

Mark 12:29-31

October 2017

Reflection & Confession

Psalm 51:1-4   In order to truly confess and give up your sins to God, you must know Him. We must know ourselves and recognize our sins. You must be willing to accept the consequences.