January 2020

Why Church – Week 2

Matthew 28:18-20   Great Commission. Co-Mission! Jesus Mission + Holy Spirit + Disciples = Completion

Why Church

Pslam 98:1-9   Growth produces Change Change produces Loss Loss produces Pain Pain produces the growth longed for!

December 2019

Crown Him King

Luke 1:30-33   We have a God shape void in our lives that only God can fill

From Brokenness

Brokenness can teach us powerful lessons   Luke 4:19   The brokenness of our lives allows God to shine through us If God only used unbroken, perfect people, He would have no one to use Jesus is our Rescue Story and He rescues us from our Brokenness

From a Life Sentence

Proclaiming Freedom to the Captives   Luke 4:18b   Jesus’ commission was to proclaim freedom to those in chains; which is our commission, too.   Case Study – John 9:1-34

From Hopelessness

To proclaim the good news to the poor   Luke 4:18a   Redemptive Hope Forthcoming Hope Unending Hope Delightful and Worshipful Hope Unashamed Hope Guiding Hope Courageous Hope Protective Hope Peaceful and Restful Hope

From Darkness

A rescue that succeeds against all odds and beyond all expectation   Colossians 1:13-14   We have been rescued from the rule of darkness We have been transferred into the Kingdom of Christ We have been redeemed from the power of our sin We have been forgiven of our sins

November 2019

You are Free

You are free from the slavery of your past mistakes, you don’t have to live in it anymore!   Galatians 5:1   The power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

You are Found

You were lost but now you are found. Let’s celebrate.   Luke 15:1-7   The people around Jesus Two groups, two different responses The Target

Child of God

God sees you as His child and delights in you   John 1:12   The more we are concerned with what God thinks of us, the less we will be worried about what other people think of us.