December 2019

From Darkness

A rescue that succeeds against all odds and beyond all expectation   Colossians 1:13-14   We have been rescued from the rule of darkness We have been transferred into the Kingdom of Christ We have been redeemed from the power of our sin We have been forgiven of our sins

November 2019

You are Free

You are free from the slavery of your past mistakes, you don’t have to live in it anymore!   Galatians 5:1   The power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

You are Found

You were lost but now you are found. Let’s celebrate.   Luke 15:1-7   The people around Jesus Two groups, two different responses The Target

Child of God

God sees you as His child and delights in you   John 1:12   The more we are concerned with what God thinks of us, the less we will be worried about what other people think of us.

October 2019

The Marriage Assassin’s Creed

Condemnation, Indifference, Defensiveness and Withdrawing will have devastating effects in your marriage because it makes the individual feel assaulted, rejected, and hurt.   Roman 12:9-11   1. Condemnation 2. Indifference 3. Defensivesness 4. Withdrawal

Gaining and Losing Respect

Respect in relationship comes when each individual focuses on being responsible for how their actions affect the other.   Philippians 2:3   1. Mutual respect is a foundation for any relationship 2. Mutual respect can be damaged and must be repaired but will take time and effort 3. Mutual respect must be sustained by both […]

Listen to Understand

Listening involves more than just lending an ear. It requires intentionality!   Proverbs 18:2

September 2019

Self Awareness

The imperfect nature of humanity is on full display whenever we look inward!   Galatians 6:1-10

Not About Happiness

Many people fall victim to believing marriage is about happiness   Psalm 16:11   1.  An attitude of entitlement 2.  And attitude of exposure

Ups and Down

Quality relationships cannot sustain themselves on butterflies and words of affections alone, there is some meaningful work to be done!   Galatians 6:9-10   1. We are all messed up and we have a baggage 2. No Commitment no longevity! 3. We don’t understand the importance or have the right view of marriage! 4. Every […]