Special Delivery

Have you ever read a story from the bible and felt like you were in a similar situation.  I would almost go out on a limb to say that we can all relate to some of the stories we read in Scriptures.  One story that I’ve been reading and studying over the last couple days surrounds the life of Jacob and Esau.  Even in the womb they were fighting to the point that Rebekah sought God to ask why this was happening, God told her “two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, the older shall serve the younger”Genesis 25:23.  As you read through Genesis 25-28 you’ll see that Jacob lured Esau into selling his birthright since he was the firstborn, and then even tricked Isaac his father into blessing him.  Now I know what you might be thinking, how can you relate to this story?  You see because of sin we have sold our birthright.  Christmas season is a time of celebrating and a reminder that with the birth of Jesus hope came into this world and our birthright restored.  We have been redeemed and we are no longer walking in darkness but children of the light but somehow we fail to walk in this truth.

Jacob tricked his father to bless him and then in fear of his life from his brother…he fled.  Jacob trusted God and prayed to the God of heaven, he would even wrestle with God because he feared for his life.  God physically give Jacob a limp as a reminder that he should lean on God for his deliverance and after 20 years of hiding from his brother… Jacob and Esau reconciled.  Christmas is about hope, it’s a reminder of the hope that we have in Jesus and it should be a comfort to you if you have accepted the hope that He offers.  This Christmas season, what is it that you are wrestling with?  How can you lean into God and trust that He will deliver you?  Maybe over the course of this year you have battled, landed some blows and have even taken some as well.  What is your reminder that God has delivered you and will continue to deliver you in the face of the trials you are facing?  Focus on the hope that Jesus offers for a better tomorrow, focus on the joy He brings to your heart, focus on the love He has for you evident by His sacrifice, focus on the peace He provides in times of chaos and focus on Him above all else for He is the reason for the season.  Let your focus be on Him and allow Jesus to be Jesus.
What are you wrestling with in your darkest hour?
Give it to God and lean into His power
Trust in the deliverance that only He can bring
For we serve a God who can conquer anything
Bring your trials and at His feet let them lay
He has a special delivery awaiting you today
Father give us strength and guide our path
Help us to stay in your light and avoid sin’s wrath
Jesus our hope for this Christmas, a gift that heaven sent
He is the reason for the season of advent
Danny Boodoo
In Christ

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