January 2018

Stewardship of the Gospel

Stewardship of the Gospel is yours and people’s key to the blessed life!   Matthew 28:18-20 The Gospel Promises Forgiveness Today The Gospel Promises Deliverance Today The Gospel Promises Power Today The Gospel Promises Restoration Today The Gospel Promises Reconciliation Today The Gospel Promises Wisdom Today  

Stewardship of Finances

Stewardship of our finances calls us to live generously!   Malachi 3:10-12   Created generous; tempted to hoard Defeating the voices Biblical reasons to give to God and others

Stewardship of Life

A blessed life is determined not by what you have but what you do with what has been entrusted to you.   Matthew 25:14-30 Stewardship of Talent Stewardship of Relationship Stewardship of Truth

The Mindset

God wants us to live blessed lives   Psalm 24 Dependency on God Obedience to God Steward Mindset