May 2019

Jesus’ Last Command

Matthew 28:18-20

From Apathy to Sympathy

John 4:25, 39 (read by Sarah Roberts)   Evangelism is the fruit of relationship that leads to relationship.   Everything starts in relationship and honest conversations! There will always be barriers. It is up to us to overcome them. Embrace people’s questions; don’t only answer the questions. Steering the conversation is better than pushing for […]

From Shoving to Sharing

The world is not deeply impressed with a lifestyle that only avoids bad behaviors what they are looking for is hope.   1 Peter 3:13-17   Evangelism should not be driven by fear but by the desire to honor Jesus Evangelism should be done in gentleness and respect

From Shame to Honor

It is not a shameful thing to testify, but a shameful thing to be silent.   2 Timothy 1:8-11