Fall Is Upon Us

What do you think of when I say that fall is upon us? The season fall brings so much excitement for me.  I am excited for what God is providing in my life.  Fall for me brings leaves on the ground, sweatshirt weather, smell of cookouts during football games-Did I say FOOTBALL!!  I’m sure the Buckeye fans are ready to get the season started, however, I as a Michigan fan am ready to chant “Go Blue”!  This time of year is so much fun.  Fall brings a new school year for students which brings anxiousness and excitement.

I am so excited for the fall season to begin at DCC! There are so many opportunities that are planned for DCC to grow as a community but also for you and I to build relationships.

The Men’s Ministry kicked off the fall season this past weekend with a campout at Camp Wakatomika in Danville, Ohio. There were approximately 20 men who went to the campout.  We had a blast competing in Cornhole and Euchre tournaments, eating fabulous-stomach filling meals, late night conversation, paintball and most importantly worship and praise to our Heavenly Father.  If you didn’t get a chance to go, I hope you will be able to attend the next campout!  Men YOU are invited.

Not only does the men have activities planned but the Women’s Ministry has a really cool event planned for the ladies at DCC and surrounding community. Ladies, on behalf of the Women’s ministry I want to invite you to a night of fun, relaxation, enjoyment that you so deserve.  September 23rd, JJ Heller and Melissa Spoelstra will be at DCC to provide a concert for you.  This concert is open to only women.  The night is centered on Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful.”  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through dccwired.org.  You will not want to miss out on this evening!

Men and women I want to encourage you to be involved in these ministries. The leaders have a passion to create opportunity for you to grow spiritually and relationally.


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Recently, I was given a list of church members and how long they have attended DCC. I was blown away by the number of members who have faithfully served DCC for over 10 years. Looking over the names, I see so many stories God has been a part of and guided through many journeys. I can only imagine the countless relationships that these families have seen and now have developed lifelong friendships after coming through the doors of DCC. My family has been a part of DCC for 14 years now, which is unimaginable, and I love this family as much as the one I was born into many year ago. Walking these doors those many years ago, I would have never imagined the journey in personal and spiritual growth that has happened in my life. Our newest journey at DCC is exciting as we are seeing new faces every week. A question that is rattling around in my head is, why do families stay at one church for 10 years or more? Although it may be different for those at DCC in this time frame, I believe it comes back to the last sermon series on relationships and family. In the book of Acts, the first church had a mutual love for each other and for Christ. Acts 2:44 states, “And all who believed were together and had all things in common.” This made them standout from other faiths and attractive to those hearing the Good News.  So, what would it take for you to want to grow in Christ and start putting roots deep into DCC? Only you can answer this question for your family, but I will say, as this family at DCC grows we will need you, just as Christ used the church of Acts, to create relationship with those nearby that are lost and welcome them to the family of Jesus. 
Dan Vroegop


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